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Cancellation, Retrun and Refund



Cancellation Refund And Return

Thanks for shopping with us! Not only does this purchase bring good health for you and your family, it also supports the grassroots movement promoting swadeshi movement and agriculture which stands for farmer prosperity and environmental sustainability.

In case there’s anything you weren’t too happy with, please let us know and we’ll do whatever possible to address the issue. Please also take some time to read the terms and conditions to get familiar with how returns and refunds works, characteristics of organic produce etc.


We guarantee 100% return of any product ( if reported with in 48 Hours of receiving the product ) without asking any questions even if  a product is returned due to a change in mind, or a reason other than the quality of the product.. ( our customer service  may still ask your reasons just for record and taking corrective actions at our end )

  • In case you have already paid for the returned item previously (through an online transaction ), a credit will be offered for future transactions.

  • Please send us your request or complaint with in 48 hours .

  • For complaints we receive after the delivery pertaining to quality issues, a credit will be offered for the next delivery.

However , There are a few characteristics of ayurvedic  produce that need to be accepted by customers. In cases where a customer does not acknowledge this, than custmer has the option of returning the products with in 48 Hours , however refunds or credit will be accepted only for product billed cost but not for delivery charges or courier charges  The following are some examples:

  • Produce might be unevenly shaped, might not be very shiny or big. But it should be good inside. Ayurveda is not about perfect looks, and doesn't rely on artificial growth promoters or chemicals to enhance physical appeal. The vegetables look like nature intended them to.

  • There might be variations in color, size, and taste over the change in seasons  or crop or area or lot or weather. This is actually proof that products are natural . Ask your mother, granny and aunts, they’ll tell you this was not unusual until the 90’s. For example , there might be some variation in colour of mustard oil every time or sometime in same lot of bottles .


  • You as a customer can cancel your order anytime ( before shipping ) by calling our customer service. In such a case we will refund any payments already made by you for the order.

  • If we suspect any fraudulent transaction by any customer or any transaction which defies the terms & conditions of using the website, we at our sole discretion could cancel such orders. We will maintain a negative list of all fraudulent transactions and customers and would deny access to them or cancel any orders placed by them.